We make and deliver cheesecakes in the Richmond, Virginia area.


How did the sisters/best friends become the Baking Divas?

In 2001 the older sister had a toddler who refused to eat a store bought cake and the quest for the perfect cake began.  After countless tries the perfect white chocolate cheesecake was created for the toddler's third birthday and Ms. Nikki's Homemade Cheesecakes was born. After 10 years of baking cheesecakes for parties and selling them during the holidays, the younger sister began the full court press to make Ms. Nikki's a "REAL" business, only bigger and better. The younger sister, with her business degree saw a market for homemade cheesecakes and decided to not give up the quest.  Charts, market studies and a whole lot of arm twisting got us to where we are today.  

The Baking Divas was officially established in September 2014 and we are not looking back.  This is our brand: cheesecakes made with simple ingredients and a whole lot of love.